About Us


Chef Michi has over 12 years of experience cooking for schools, business clients, large and small private catered events, on her food truck and on the Queens Hospital campus in a small café’ located in the lobby of POB3.

For the last decade Chef Michi has been a published recipe developer for KTA Superstores on the Big Island, creating original recipes and acting as food stylist (cooking, props and shot design) for photography sessions. She has also been featured in Generations Magazine. All recipes are original and center on healthy yet easy to prepare dishes that are packed with flavor and not fat.

Chef Michi’s Philosophy:

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad! I’ve spent my whole career in cooking trying to reverse the need to use fat, salt and unhealthy cooking practices just to make a dish taste good. My methods are not traditional – but my promise is to provide healthier meals that are nutritionally better for you and best yet, are a pleasure to consume.

Dinners to Go!

Another facet of Cooking Fresh is a newly re-introduced take-out dinner service. Monday – Friday clients can pre-order online and pick up family dinners that are delicious, hot and ready to serve. The meals are comparable to recipes in your favorite food magazine that you never have the time or effort to make yourself…..there’s no shopping and no time spent in the kitchen. All meals are prepared fresh from scratch using quality ingredients, unlike frozen or prepared foods that may contain preservatives, additives, high fat/sodium.